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Nick & Caroline Robertson Brown 
As well as being ace divers, journalists and photographers, Nick and Caroline are the authors of three superb books on underwater photography techniques, fabulous dive locations and marine life.

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All 3 books are available online from Amazon and online / in store from Waterstone's and Blackwell's as well as other good booksellers and independent bookshops.

Signed copies also available directly from us here at Frogfish

 Deadly Oceans

In search of the Deadliest Sea Creatures
The world's oceans are filled with an array of venomous and toxic marine critters, not to mention a whole host of apex carnivores.  In their new book, Nick and Caroline set off to discover the 50 deadliest sea creatures.   And there's an intriguing twist in deciding just which one is the most deadly.
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World's Best Wildlife Dive Sites

Join Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown as they tour their favourite dive locations around the world.  on a veritable diver's wish-list of everything from the amazing Sardine Run to the bizarre creatures that live in the micro habitats of Bali....
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 Underwater Photography: Art and Techniques

This practical book explains and offers advice to the reader on both the art and the science involved in capturing stunning underwater shots. Superbly illustrated with 206 stunning colour photographs.
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You can also order signed copies with a personal message from the authors directly from Frogfish Photography.

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