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The February 2017 issue of Sport Diver saw the latest in our "Wining and Diving" series, this one focused on our fabulous trip to South Africa in June 2016.

Read all about the magnificent critters we encountered, the superb wines we sampled and quite lovely vineyards we visited.

And the January 2017 Sport Diver, saw the next installment of  "Whiskey and Water" and where better from which to do this than the highlands of Scotland, more specifically Lochs Fyne and Long.

Access the full article here or click on the image
In the July 2017 edition of Sport Diver we have a feature on the wonderful Manatees of Crystal River in Florida. They have a face that only a mother could love, but it is an amazing wildlife experience and also makes it into our new book "World's Best Wildlife Dive Sites"
In the June 2016 issue of Sport Diver we have our story about shark diving in the Bahamas. In it we encourage divers to "go local" to ensure their tourist dollars go to the islanders who have worked hard to protect sharks in their waters. The Bahamas is the Shark Diving Capital of the World:
In the May edition of Sport Diver we have 2 full 5 page features. The first is about diving with manta rays in the Maldives. You can see the article by clicking on the link:
Sport Diver recently published an article about the Red Sea Oceanic Whitetip Sharks by Caroline. She jumped on a last minute liveaboard space with the John Lewis Venture Club in November. You can see the article by clicking on the link:
Our latest project is the series about Wining and Diving around the best wine producing countries in the world.
In the latest edition of Sport Diver our Wining & Diving feature on South Australia has been published. You can see the article by clicking on the link:
See each one as they get published by clicking on the country:
 Alongside these articles, we also took the Art Editor of Sport Diver, Matt Griffiths, through a series of PADI diving courses from Open Water right up to Master Scuba Diver.

First we taught him to dive by doing the PADI Open Water Course.
Then we took him through PADI Advanced Open Water Course.

Throughout the year we will also be doing the PADI Specialities of the month:
Frogfish also supply trip reports and pieces on underwater photography techniques:
Manado, Indonesia: A look at the diverse diving in this fantastic location that offers fabulous coral covered walls and tiny critters too. Manado Magic
The Bahamas: A tour of several islands, taking in reef sharks, swimming pigs, hammerhead sharks and more. The Bahamas brings home the bacon.
Cuba - Jardines de la Reina: Cuba
Costa Brava - The Medes Islands: Costa Brava
Caribbean Locations: Grand Turk; St Eustatius;
Indonesia: Jakata; Ambon; Raja Ampat;
Sport Diver UK: Frogfish Photography are regular writers for Sport Diver with monthly features such as:
Wild Travel Magazine has a feature of ours on our trips to Florida each winter to see the wonderful Manatees.
Cumbrian Wildlife Magazine has our image as the front cover of the May 2014 issue. It shows a basking shark shot from Cornwall, to go with a story about marine species in trouble.

In the Newspapers

Cape Fur Seals, South Africa
Caroline's images of Cape Fur Seals playing with her "Wining & Diving" group on a dive in Simon's Town in South Africa shows a seal bringing her a starfish as a present. Click here for Fur Seal Fun.
Hammerhead Sharks in Bimini, Bahamas
Our images of hammerhead sharks from our most recent trip to The Bahamas have been published by the Daily Mail in this piece that rather sensationalises the dive, and hopefully Nick's recovery too! Click here for Hammerheads.
Croc shots!
Our shots of crocodiles from Jardines de la Reina in Cuba have made the press with a large piece online in The Daily Mail.
This shot also made The Telegraph picture of the day.
Another shot of the same croc made The Guardian week in wildlife.
Swimming Pigs!
An image of Nick taking photos of the famous swimming pigs of Exuma in The Bahamas have been published in The Telegraph picture of the day, and also The Telegraph Animal Pictures of the week.
Paralympic launch image made the front cover of The Sun's paralympic pullout.
This shot also made The Telegraph picture of the day.
Our Blue Shark trip made a splash in the Daily Mail online.
Statia turtles also made an online feature in The Sun.
Photographing Cieron Kelso in a pool led to numerous articles both in the printed press and online: The Times; The Star.
Farne Islands seals playing with us underwater made it onto the AOL travel page AOL Travel.

Articles about Nick and Caroline

Gavin Anderson writes a piece for Sport Diver about our underwater photography workshops. As we regularly take small groups overseas and work with them to improve their underwater photography, it is great to also get a write up in Sport Diver about one particular such trip to Portugal. You can read it here: Ask the Experts.
Nick was very proud to be awarded his fellowship from the RPS for his book "Underwater Photography Art & Techniques" and this has made the press too. In DIVER and in Sport Diver.
Nick was approached by N-Photo Magazine to be their "Pro-Pick" which you can see here.

Books by Frogfish Photography's Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown

 Deadly Oceans

In search of the Deadliest Sea Creatures
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World's Best Wildlife Dive Sites

Join Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown as they tour their favourite dive locations around the world.  on a veritable diver's wish-list of everything from the amazing Sardine Run to the bizarre creatures that live in the micro habitats of Bali....
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 Underwater Photography: Art and Techniques

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