In our showroom you will find Camera & Video Housings, Video lighting, Flash Housings and accessories by Sealux. As Nick uses a Sealux housing for his own Nikon D700 we can show you a working model in the shop or you can even try it out in the pool before you buy!

Sealux have Camera Housings available for the Nikon Digital SLR Range including: Nikon D3, D700, D300; Canon Digital SLR Range including: EOS 7D, Eos 50d and the Fuji S5

Sealux offer Video Housings for Panasonic, JVC, Canon and Sony video cameras. We also have Sealux video lighting in HID, LED and Halogen formats with battery packs and arms.

Sealux also have a range of flash housings for Nikon and Canon flash units which have full TTL functionality and a range of cleverly designed arms.

Going a little deeper than the rest of the crowd? Sealux Housings are rated to 90m and have a 2 year warranty so peace of mind comes with every sale.


Frogfish Photography have Sealux O-ring grease, O-rings, Lens and housing cleaners, available to keep your Sealux housing in tip-top condition. We will help you get your system setup, spending time with you to explain your new system and then letting you try it out with one of our underwater photography instructors in our 5m pool with artificial reef and creatures to practice on.

We also offer the full range of ports, zoom gears, port covers, viewfinders etc. for your Sealux Housing.

Please contact us for more information, prices and orders on 0161 718 3118 or email