Taveuni Take Two

  • By Caroline And Nick Robertson-Brown
  • 07 Dec, 2016

Our second day diving and having fun in Fiji

Today was all about White Wall, a dive site on Rainbow Reef that is regularly voted in the top 10 wall dives in the world. It lived up to its reputation too. The site is covered in "white" or pale blue soft coral that seems to glow in the sunlight, even at 28m deep. We made our way to the wall by slipping through a short swim-through, which brought us out onto the wall. Drifting along, we used all of our strobe power (5 INON strobes) to try to light as much of the wall as possible. 
Our second dive site, deliberately selected as one of the shallowest on the reef system, as we are flying in the morning, was at Small Cabbage Patch. Here cabbage corals, as the name suggests, cover the reef. Huge schools of fish swim around these corals, eventually accepting you and letting you swim amongst them. Heaven for both macro and wide angle photography alike. 
Our team, Alan, Maikeli & Walter, from Paradise Taveuni , really excelled today. As we are flying out of Taveuni tomorrow morning, they all got up early and picked us up at 6:30am so that we could still safely fit two early morning dives. What a great team!
So what could we do in the afternoon? Can't dive. How about a bit of time travel? Nick leaps from today into yesterday at the International Date Line ( 180°Meridian). The time travel machine is just a 10min walk, up a hot steep road, from our hotel - Garden Island Resort

Alas, it is time to pack up our gear and move on. We have loved Taveuni.


Frogfish Blog

By Caroline Robertson-Brown 23 Oct, 2017
The images, by both Nick and Caroline, show the wonderful underwater world and marine life that the Frogfish Photography team have encountered on their travels. Seals and Basking Sharks from the UK, swimming pigs in the Bahamas, schooling fish and colourful coral in Egypt, sharks in South Africa, turtles in St Eustatius and a sunset from Bali in Indonesia. 
By Caroline Robertson-Brown 19 Oct, 2017
The competition to win our book "Underwater Photography Art & Techniques" held on the Scubaverse website has ended and there could only be one luck y winner!

The winner is .... Geoff Stedman from Australia

Congratulations - your book will be on its way to you very soon.

If you did not win, then fear not, all our books are available on our website here and at all good book shops. 
By Caroline Robertson-Brown 11 Oct, 2017
Nick and Caroline will announce the new SSI underwater photography and videography course structures and ethos to the public for the very first time at DIVE 2017 . These new courses are in the final stages of development and will be launched in early 2018. 

If you want to know more then pop along to the SSI / Mares stand at 2pm on either the Saturday or Sunday.
By Caroline Robertson-Brown 10 Oct, 2017
We are members of the Northern Underwater Photography Group (NUPG) and each month they have a competition with a different theme. It is a great way to get you to look through your image library to find something to fit the particular theme. This month is was "Unedited" and so we dug out some images that we liked straight from the camera. No Cropping, no adjustments to contrast or colour, no spot removal.

By Caroline Robertson-Brown 09 Oct, 2017
Grab a chance at winning this fantastic book by clicking here
By Caroline Robertson-Brown 06 Oct, 2017
Giant Mantas in Socorro, manatees in Crystal River in Florida, Seals in the Farne Islands, Sea Lions in Mexico and South Africa - we have had some incredible encounters over recent years. This articles tells the stories of our favourite encounters and will form the basis of our talk at the Dive Show too. I am very lucky that I always have Nick at my side to photograph these wonderful moments.
By Caroline Robertson-Brown 06 Oct, 2017
We are speaking at DIVE 2017 again this year and our talk will be about wide-angle photography and how it can tell as story. We will talk about some of our most memorable underwater encounters and how we got the shots that we use in our photo-journalism for magazines and the wider press. 
By Caroline Robertson-Brown 05 Oct, 2017
Nick and Caroline were delighted to attend the opening of this new exhibition at The Atkinson that features images and displays all about the local coastline.  Their work features images of marine life that can be found in this region, from sharks and seals to tiny nudibranchs.
By Caroline Robertson-Brown 05 Oct, 2017
Images from our underwater photography group trip to the Farne Islands made it into the press recently with images in print and plenty more online
By Caroline And Nick Robertson-Brown 12 Jun, 2017
Those of you that follow our work will know that we love to spend a little bit of time above water on our travels abroad, and especially love to visit vineyards and sample the wines that benefit from being close to the coast. So we were delighted to discover that we had been invited to visit Gozo, and that there was a local tasting available for us to attend. We had two days of diving on our short visit, and a day to absorb the local culture above the water. We dived with Calypso Diving Centre , visiting caves, reefs and wrecks doing both boat and shore dives. The vineyard we visited was the Tal-Massar Winery which offers a series of lovingly made wines. 
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