Underwater Photography

 Underwater Photography: Art and Techniques

by Nick Robertson-Brown FRPS
Published on 16th December 2013

Underwater photography is a challenging discipline. To capture an underwater world of glorious colours, extraordinary creatures and mysterious depths, you must have confidence in your diving abilities and be very comfortable with your camera. This practical book explains and offers advice to the reader on both the art and the science involved in capturing stunning underwater shots. 

Contents include: advice on the equipment you will need to get the most from your underwater photography; descriptions of underwater habitats and animal behaviour; guidance on how to be a responsible photographer and finally, direction and assistance on topics including composition, natural and artificial lighting, exposure and underwater conditions.

Superbly illustrated with over 200 stunning photographs

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What people are saying about "Underwater Photography: Art and Techniques"

From Amazon.co.uk
"An inspiring, easy to read book full of practical advice for divers at all levels who want to take great underwater photographs

"I was hooked on this book from the moment I saw the photo of the cheeky seal with its flippers grasped around the diver's leg (page 8)" 

 "Must read for underwater photographers.  
Really helpful and full of useful tips for underwater photography.  Even the technical section is easy to read and understand!"

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