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 Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown are a dynamic husband and wife team of underwater photographers, photo-journalists and authors. They both have honours degrees from Manchester University in Environmental Biology and Biology respectively. Nick is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and has a DipEd in teaching. Caroline has an MSc in Animal Behaviour. They are both multiple award winning photographers and along with 3 books published, they feature regularly in the diving, wildlife and international press. They work as Underwater Photography Editors at Scubaverse. Both are passionate about marine conservation and are UK Ambassadors for Sharks4Kids.

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Frogfish Photography offer a wide range of courses and can tailor these to your needs.

The Complete Underwater Photographer Award

The Frogfish Photography course syllabus has been designed to cover all aspects of underwater photography and to improve your skills no matter what level you are now and whether you use a compact, mirrorless or DSLR camera setup. There will be both theory and practical sessions so that you can put your skills to the test. We include lots of photographs to demonstrate ideas and techniques discussed in the course. The course has been designed so that you can sign up to individual units that interest you or you can sign up for the whole course.
"I feel much more confident to move forward and make some great shots. I thought the balance of theory and lots of hands on practical really worked well and cemented what we had done in the classroom. There was a great mix of new stuff and some stuff which I had read before, but up until this week, didn't really understand. I had looked at a number of different underwater photo training options and I'm really glad I came to Frogfish. You clearly both love what you do and I enjoyed spending time with you guys. I hope I can come along on a trip or two to continue to get better, thanks again for all your help!! " Joel (who recently won the RAF underwater photography competition after taking this course!)


The cost of the course will depend on location, whether it is a 1:1 or group course, how many practical sessions are included and whether you want to cover the whole syllabus, or just a handful of units - simply give us a ring to discuss further. Nick is an INON Instructor, as well as an SSI Master Instructor, and so if you would like formal certification for your underwater photography, this can also be arranged. Nick's book: Underwater Photography Art and Techniques is the course manual and can be purchased from us on the day. 


Module 1: The Camera - This module covers controlling the light which discusses aperture, depth of field, shutter speed and ISO. We also cover metering for light, exposure compensation, zoom facility and focusing options - an explanation of autofocus and autofocus area modes. It includes a short workshop where you can see how all the variables interact with each other in practice. Module 1 also includes a talk-through camera setup and care of your system.
Module 2: Natural Lighting & The Underwater Environment - this covers light and colour loss, how to cope with challenging conditions, total light path, white balance and shooting techniques
Module 3: Artificial Lighting - Flash or video lighting techniques, backscatter issues, guide numbers, exposure control, positioning of your lights, mounting system and techniques
Module 4: Composition - What makes a great underwater photo? Things to consider before pressing your shutter: Rule of thirds, baseline, bokeh, Snell's window, macro, wide angle (both close-up and landscape), lenses, divers as models, abstracts, curves and diagonals, negative space, background, eye contact, cropping and safety.
Module 5: Exposure revisited - An in depth look at how to get the correct exposure. Sensor sensitivity (ISO), aperture size, shutter speed, exposure value, how artificial lighting affects your settings, RAW files, histograms and shooting to the right.
Module 6: Animal Behaviour - When taking photographs one of your greatest assets is understanding your subject. This course covers peak actions shots, muck diving, camouflage, bright colours, schooling fish, territoriality, breeding time and symbiosis.
Module 7: Wreck Photography -  Wreck photography is such a large subject this module can only scratch the surface on getting the best wreck images. You will cover composition, techniques, size and perspective, small wrecks, large wrecks & features and marine life.
Module 8: Shooting in low visibility - Taking images in low visibility is something that all underwater photographers encounter at some time. This module helps you to understand what causes poor visibility and some techniques to try and get the best from bad conditions. We will cover backscatter, density gradients, lens selection, settings and techniques.
Module 9: Habitats - When you are looking for specific creatures to photograph it is great to know exactly where to find them. Tropical locations, man-made structures, non-tropical diving, open oceans are all covered in this module.
Module 10:  Image Manipulation -
This module covers the basic in how to edit your images once you are back from diving, what are the most common adjustments you need and how to improve your image.
Pool Session: A chance to put all the techniques you have covered in the course units into practice on an aritificial reef in the pool. You will also be put through your paces with buoyancy skills whilst taking photos underwater
Optional Open Water Session: If you want to take your practical tuition one step further we can organise an open water session in a local quarry or sea dive to ensure that you have grasped all the techniques in the course and can put them into practice


Frogfish Photography offers all the latest underwater equipment and will offer you the best possible advice.

Underwater Photography Equipment

Here at Frogfish Photography we like to offer impartial advice about what equipment will suit you best. if we do not have it - then we will guide you to someone who does. We feel that we offer some of the best equipment you would wish to buy, including gear from Nautican, Sealux, INON, Nimar, and many more quality manufacturers.

Superior Service

When you buy any equipment from us, you will get our best advice and if you can get to our base in Manchester we will take the time to talk you through your new equipment, put it all together and spend time on its care. We will then put you in front of our "dry" reef to get some practice on land with your new system.

Equipment Hire

We are also able to hire out underwater photography equipment for serious projects or your holidays:
Nikon D40x in a Nimar housing with 18-55mm lens
Nkion D200 in a Subal Housing with 60mm Macro and Tokina 10-17mm lenses
Nikon D700 in a Sealux Housing with 60mm, 105mm and 16mm lenses
Sony NEX-5 in Nauticam housing with 18-55mm and 16mm with fish-eye lenses
Canon A570 with Canon housing and INON macro and fish-eye wet lenses
Accessories including INON strobes, arm systems, video lights and more

Frogfish do Nauticam

Frogfish Photography have been awarded the dealership for Nauticam for the north of the UK. We will be able to offer the full range of Nauticam Products.
Finding the housing that suits you best takes time and it is not something you want to rush. We have demonstration models available so that you can get a feel for quality, cost, size (which can be very important for those with smaller hands!) and accessories.
Our aim is to equip you with the housing that suits your needs best.

Strobes, Wet Lenses and Accessories

We are the UK Northwest supplier for the award winning INON lenses, strobes and accessories.  These high quality items are considered the best in the business.
By coming to visit us you can look at what we use for our underwater photography and videography, or bring in your existing system so that we can assist you in making the next step.

Digital Compact Camera Housings

We, alongside Divelife, can supply you with housings and cameras from Sea & Sea, Canon, Fuji, Sony, sealife, Intova and Ikelite;
If you have an existing camera that you would like to buy a housing for then please call us with the model details and we will let you know if this is possible. We also offer camera and housing packages for your first underwater camera system, or if you want to upgrade your existing system. There are lots of options and accessories to think about - so come in for a chat and we can show you all the latest equipment on offer.
We also offer pool sessions and tuition to help you improve your techniques in underwater photography.


Frogfish Photography can accompany you on photography trips in the UK and Abroad.

If you want to get out and about to take some photos then contact us at Frogfish Photography to find our about our latest trips. We will be going to far flung destinations, as well as those closer to home, for projects, guiding tours and getting shots for articles

Overseas Photography Workshops

South Africa:

Do you want to join us for an epic adventure in South Africa this year? This will be an action packed dual centre trip, starting in Aliwal Shoal for a quick dip with some sharks, before heading onto the Sardine Run and the Greatest Shoal on Earth. We will spend a week photographing whales, wolphins, sharks and a huge array of wildlife. Our second week will take us south to Cape Town for some Wining & Diving! Great White Sharks, Seven Gill Sharks and Fur Seals. For more details click: South Africa

The Azores:

Wining & Diving in the Azores. Join us for some wine tasting, whale watching and also diving from a live-aboard yacht to photograph blue sharks and mobular rays. 

Further Ahead

We have an outstanding trip lined up for 2017.
In March 2017 we have a trip of a lifetime to Socorro. These islands, off the coast of Mexico, offer incredible encounters with manta rays, sharks and plenty more to please all underwater photographers. For more details, please email us.

Wining & Diving

Nick and Caroline are traveling the worlds best wine regions to discover what links the marine environment to the wine making of the region. We are doing some incredible diving and getting to taste some wonderful wines too. What a job! We get to combine 2 passions in each trip. Sport Diver will be publishing each trip that we do. in 2013 we completed England, France and California. In 2014 we enjoyed Portugal, Spain and Italy. In 2015 - we focussed on Australia. In 2016 we have big plans for South Africa - so watch this space.
To see the articles that have already been published in Sport Diver, click on the following links:

UK Diving

We have not forgotten our UK diving! We plan to do a series of short notice trips when conditions are at their best. Watch out on our Facebook group for more details.

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