World's Best Wildlife Dive Sites

World's Best Wildlife Dive Sites

by Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown 

Join Nick and Caroline as they tour their favourite dive locations around the world. This book is essentially a diver's wish-list for finding the very best underwater wildlife experiences, covering everything from the adrenaline-fueled rush caused by big animals interacting in huge underwater scenes like the Sardine Run to the sheer fascination for the sometimes bizarre creatures that live in the micro habitats of Bali.  Their captivating words and beautiful images will provide all the inspiration you need to launch your next big diving adventure. 

In total the book covers 32 remarkable wildlife dives from sites around the world and each includes a handy fact panel giving details of what to take and when to visit.

What customers are saying about "World's Best Wildlife Dive Sites"

"Best book for Best dives sites of the world"

"Beautiful book, with stunning photos. A much more imaginative choice of dive sites than some other books. I've certainly never seen swimming pigs in a dive guide before! I'm planning on using this book as a bucket list of sites to take my children when they are older. Can't wait for their next book🤗 ".   Well now you don't have to.  Our new book, Deadly Oceans is already out!  Nick and Caroline

"Authoritative, Inspiring, Revealing. Cannot recommend more highly. This book fully lives up to its title. It is a glorious celebration of nature and diving, full of fantastic images, natural history and practical advice covering over 30 locations on five continents"

"A great book. The main chapter reads like a good friend is telling you a story about the places you are going to visit, a realistic feeling for each place. And of course the photography in each section is stunning, there are some truly world class photos in the book. Some handy hints, all in all very much worth the money"

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Editorial Reviews

Outdoor Photography Magazine
"Want to learn more about underwater photography?  Delve into the beauty and mystery of the world's seas and oceans in this inspiring new book by experienced photojournalists and diving experts Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown.  Sharing images and stories over 32 chapters, the diving duo cover their top sites and species to see across the world. Appealing to a range of readers, exotic faraway spots are balanced with UK locations - such as the blue sharks of Penzance and the Atlantic grey seals of the Farne Islands - with each entry including a fact panel.  An insightful introduction reveals the creative challenges the pair overcame during the book's creation (largely connected with the logistics of shooting and gathering the content). With stunning images throughout, the book is ideal for those who wish to gain greater insight into this increasingly popular genre of nature photography."

Diver Magazine (Sept 16) 
"As expected from these talented photographers the images are outstanding and numerous, lending the book a coffee-table ambiance. They showcase the captivating events detailed in the text, culminating in a pictorial tour of the 32 destinations. If you're like me, you'll dive right into the pages relating to destinations that you've already visited, bringing back the beautiful memories of your own adventures and experiences. Then it's on to the encounters that may have been on your wish-list for what seems like an eternity. For me it's leafy sea dragons that loom large, but I now know not only where to find them but what exposure protection to take and how to go about looking for these beautiful creatures of South Australia."

Gerry Barnett, RPS Journal, August 2016.
"Still in time for late summer holidays comes this sumptuous collection of top dive sites from noted underwater photographer Nick Robertson-Brown FRPS and his partner Caroline.  They select more than 30 of the best sites for underwater wildlife experiences and, as you'd expect, the photography is second to none. The duo are very conservation-driven too, so you can enjoy the dives in good conscience
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